July 22, 2024


Finding the right reception desk is key to perfecting the layout Commercial of your office. Luckily, corporate reception desks come in different shapes and sizes, giving you many options. The best choice will match the layout of your commercial space and the office arrangements that suit this setup. 

Moreover, the reception area is the first office area observed. With the receptionist desk area being the first thing people see, you’ll want to ensure that your office makes a good impression. The proper arrangements for your office can make all the difference in how clients and customers view your business and its professionalism. 

Below, we explore space-planning tips for corporate reception desks. Use the following information to guide your spatial arrangements as you plan and shop for your office reception desk. Continue reading to learn about the Commercial Reception Desk options and the four planning tips you need to make the most of your space. 

1. Get Commercial Reception Desk options with storage. 

Opt for reception desks with built-in storage and cabinet systems. With these available as desk components, you can save more room in your office and make the reception area more comfortable for guests and those who pass by in the workspace

2. Determine the exact dimensions of your space.

Before you start designing your office space, it’s essential to get a clear understanding of the dimensions. Measure the dimensions from wall to wall to determine the best sizing for your Commercial Reception Desk arrangement. You can base your design decisions around these dimensions and maximize your space. For example, if you want your desk against a wall and the wall is only 8 ft wide, your desk has to fit within those measurements. 

3. Consider the desk shape you need to fit your space. 

The open space in your reception and waiting room areas will give you more insight into the desk-shape options that will work for your space. If you have clear open space on each side, you can choose larger receptionist desk units that accommodate more storage. See if a U-shaped or 2-person Commercial Reception Desk will accommodate this space. Likewise, if you have minimal space, see if corner arrangements such as an L-shaped desk are a good fit. 

4. Maximize your space as best as possible.

Once you’ve determined the dimensions of your space and the Commercial Reception Desk shapes and sizes that will work with these specifics, it’s time to focus on maximizing your space as best as possible. You don’t want your desk to look cramped or crowded. Creating enough open space is also important for walking and safety reasons, such as the ability to exit the office quickly in an emergency. 

Create a layout that fits your office accordingly. 

To make the most of your Commercial Reception Desk, create a layout that fits the dimensions of the space and accounts for walking room. With exact measurements in mind, you won’t make the mistake of purchasing a desk that’s too large or too small to fill your space.

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