May 20, 2024
Mobile Legends

Ranking up in Mobile Legends is not easy. You’re up against an unpredictable team of players, fighting alongside unpredictable teammates whom you haven’t synergized with. To ascend from Warrior to Mythical Immortal, you must hone your own skills, both teamwork and solo.

In this article, U7BUY is going to help you decide which Hero to pick when playing solo ranked. You might encounter inexperienced teammates, but when that happens, these heroes will give you a higher chance of scoring the win. If you wish to buy any of these characters, you’ll need an MLBB top up. Check to get you going!

Disclaimer: This list is based on our opinions of the Mobile Legends characters, how useful we found them, and how effective their abilities are. Remember, often, it is not about the heroes themselves, but the player. If you’ve found a ML hero that you like and have mastered them but they don’t show up in anyone else’s list of “Mobile Legends best characters”, that’s no reason to abandon your love for that hero.

Without further adieu, who are the best MLBB heroes for every role in Mobile Legends Solo Rankup? Let’s see!

Best Tank Hero For Solo Rank-Up In Mobile Legends: Barats

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One of the best tanky junglers in the Mobile Legend meta, this naughty Politan recently received some pretty nice adjustments to his skills, making his passive ability a lot more powerful.

Barat’s passive, Big Guy, stacks a lot easier, and his second skill, Missile “Expert”, has a longer range and shoots faster.

As if that wasn’t enough, his ultimate, Detona’s Welcome, has also been vastly improved.

The thing about Mobile Legends solo ranked is that not a lot of players welcome the “roamer” role that Barats is suited for.

Roamers are Mobile Legends Heroes with strong early-game capabilities who do not rely heavily on items. They usually belong to the support or tank class.

To combat these sorta players, who would much rather pick support, use a frontline tanky jungler like Barats or else your team will be too weak.

By far the most impressive part about Barat’s kit is that even if you build him as a full tank, he’ll still wreck most opponents. Although, an offensive Mobile Legends item like a War Axe will greatly improve his abilities.

Best Fighter Hero For Solo Rank-Up In Mobile Legends: Cici
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Cici is one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends. Back when she first came out, her DPS was so OP that she had to be perma-banned from most games. Even now, after being nerfed in a recent update, there’s a chance that she’s banned.

If players can make use of her yo-yoing skills properly, Cici can become an ultimate pain in the (editors note to cut this out). Cici is most effectively used to cut off the enemies retreat, making it easier for your own teammates to orchestrate a massacre.

Consider this: your team’s advance is being stagnated by a fast-attacking marksman. Cici players often use Vengeance, a battle spell that provides damage reduction and reflection to the caster, in combination with Cici’s skill, Buoyant Bounce, to jump straight at the marksman and turn them into past tense.

Best Assassin Hero For Solo Rank-Up In Mobile Legends: Helcurt

Helcurt is easily one of the most powerful assassin ML heroes in Mobile Legends. This Abyssal creature can one-shot most of the squishy Mobile Legends heroes in the game, can clear the entire jungle very quickly, and has really high movement speed built into his kit.

Helcurt, using his first skill can blink towards a target, dealing damage and slowing them down. In case the unfortunate victim’s teammates come to back them up, he can quickly escape via his ultimate, Dark Night Falls.

Inexperienced players trying out Helcurt for the first time might be a bit off in the timing of his ultimate, not taking full advantage of exactly how powerful it is.

Best Mage Hero For Solo Rank-Up In Mobile Legends: Novaria

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Lot’s of you may feel it a bit strange that Novaria is on this list. Everyone either loves her or hates her. Some say she’s useless, other say she needs to be banned more often.

I’m with the latter group (I’m not saying she should get banned, just saying she’s very good), because once you get comfortable playing with Novaria, and master her shots, Mobile Legends becomes a bit too easy.

When she can’t though, well… may as well have the person controlling the character put down their mobile device.

If you put in the time and effort to master Novaria’s Astral Sphere, you might as well have your Mobile Legends team mates to sit back and relax.

Best Marksman Hero For Solo Rank-Up In Mobile Legends: Ixia

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Ixia is one of the most reliable marksmen in Mobile Legends. Admittedly, there’s not much a marksman can do early to mid-game except harass some laners from afar, so something that just works when late-game arrives without fail is crucial for securing a Mobile Legends victory.Ixia’s ultimate, Full Barrage, is also one of the reasons she’s considered to be really good. One well-placed ultimate is all it takes (not just for Ixia), to turn the tide of battle completely.

However, Ixia (like most marksmen) lacks mobility, which players struggle to adapt to. It takes some time to get used to the map and how to position your Mobile Legends character effectively. If player’s are not able to learn this important skill when playing a marksman, they become incredibly easy targets for opponents.

Best Support Hero For Solo Rank-Up In Mobile Legends: Mathilda

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Mathilda is hands down the best supportive Mobile Legends hero in the game right now. While ML supportive characters usually prefer to stay back and heal/buff their team mates, Mathilda is also perfectly capable of bringing the fight forwards when need be.

Her second skill, Guiding Wind, allows her to leap in the target direction, make a shield herself, and create a field around her. She also gains movement speed when using this skill. Allied Mobile Legends heroes, upon contact with this field, gain a percentage of Mathilda’s shield.

She’s a roamer, and is excellent at Mobile Legends solo rank ups because of her unique combination of abilities.

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