June 21, 2024


Indeed, only a rookie would be unaware of the significant impact ATAS APK has had on the Malaysian online Entertainment industry. Named after the Academic Technology Approval Scheme, ATAS  is a top Malaysia online casino. Atas casino, even though it’s recently established, has become a home of entertainment for every Malaysian punter, especially those in Kuala Lumpur.

Even gamblers in Genting highland have found Atas to be the perfect alternative to Genting Casino. And individuals coming to Malaysia for Aviation consultancy and executive lunch at RuMa Hotel are not left out of the thrills and entertainment offered by Atas casino. 

By now, you may be wondering; how does Atas casino keep players entertained from dusk till dawn? Atas casino has a lot of blockbusting games which can leave players with goose pimples. If you’re a fan of online slot, you’ll find different slot games, including video slot, and progressive jackpot, from remarkable developers like  Lucky365, BG gaming, 918kiss, Mega888, AE Sexy, Asia Gaming, Hot Road,SCR888, Pussy888 and King Maker at Atas. 

Also, If you’re a passionate table gamer, you have lots of baccarat, roulette and blackjack to enjoy your day. If the only game that fascinates you is poker or live casino, you’ll really love Atas. And thanks to the PAGCOR, and iTech labs licence, you don’t have to worry about your safety while playing Atas game. The duo also ensure players observe responsible gaming on Atas gambling platform. 

But like any Professional Trading and Analytical Platform, you have to register and login to Atas, before you can enjoy the thrills and entertainment it offers. To sign up or sign in, you have two options, which is Atas APK and Atas H5 web. Fortunately, the two options are easy for registration and Atas login. The only difference between the two is that you need to install and download Atas APK on a device with Android operating system.

And there are some factors you have to consider while installing Atas APK on your Android device. In this blog, we’ll let you know the factors you need to consider before you install and download ATAS APK on Android. We’ll also show you how Atas login works on ATAS APK.

Top 5 factors to Consider While installing ATAS APK in Android

Do you intend to download ATAS APK on your Android device? If so, then you’ve made the right decision. Downloading and installing the Android application on your device has a lot of benefits. Apart from the fact that the Android application kit makes Atas login a breeze, you’ll also enjoy Atas games with impressive turnover rate and RNG. 

Moreover, having the file format on your phone  gives you access to numerous withdrawal and deposit methods, including E-wallet so that you can enjoy smooth cuci duit. Like Atas web login, Atas APK download gives you access to unlimited support. Without further ado, let’s quickly look at the key factors you must consider while installing ATAS APK on your Android device. 

1. Your Device Android Version 

Certainly, Atas APK is compatible with the Android operating system. But unfortunately, it is not suitable for all Android users. It only works on Android devices running version 9 or above. This is similar to the IPA file that only works on iOS 12 or later. If your phone doesn’t run on Android version 9 or above, you have two options. It is either you get a new phone running on the required version or you upgrade the Android version to 9 or above.

The process for upgrading your Android version to the latest one is very straightforward. Go to your phone setting, then select “system”. Click “System Update” to start the upgrade. You can even force the update by rooting the device. However, forcing the upgrade on your phone might not be safe as the first process. 

2. Android Device Storage Space 

Another thing to consider while installing Atas APK is your device storage space. Though Atas APK requires little storage space on your device, it is equally crucial to check if there is enough storage space before proceeding to download ATAS APK. Doing this will not only prevent download or installation failure but also allow the ZIP, RAR, JAR, 7-ZIP or Java Archive file to be completely installed without getting corrupted.

If your device storage is not enough while download ATAS APK, here’s what to do. First and foremost, free up spaces by removing redundant install apps. If possible, clear the mobile app cache data storage to allow some spaces on your phone. Get rid of heavy videos, photos or any files that may be consuming much space on your phone. For apps that are difficult to uninstall, you  can disable them. That way, you’ll have enough space on your phone to download ATAS APK successfully. 

3. Android Device Setting 

Since Atas APK is available only on Atas casino web page and not on Google Play, you’ll need to grant your phone the permission to install apps from external sources before you can successfully install or download atas APK. To grant this permission, go to your phone setting. Tap “security.” Click the unknown source to enable installation and download from a third party site. 

4. The Battery Status 

You need to check your battery status before you download the ATAS APK. It may take some time to completely install ATAS APK download and install may also take some time to complete. Therefore,it is crucial for you to check if there is enough power on your phone. Doing this will enhance smooth installation and save your device from emergency breakdown. 

5. Internet Connection 

A stable internet is important not only during ATAS APK download, it is equally essential during installation. If you’re using an Android emulator to run Atas APK on a non-Android device, you’ll also need a good internet connection to perform such a task. When downloading or installing Atas APK, you can connect to any local area network in Kuala Lumpur or from hospitable places like RuMa Hotel. 

How to Install ATAS APK

Before you can install Atas APK, you have to first download it. To download atas APK, go to Atas official website https://www.atasofficial.my/ and click on “Download Atas APK” or scan the QR code. Once you click the download tab, the Android package kit will be downloaded on your phone. To install it, go to settings, then tap “app and notifications.” Click “Special app access” and select “install unknown apps.” Here, you’ll see the Atas icon, tap it, and grant the necessary and it will begin to install. 

Why Do You Need to Install  Atas APK

You need to install and download Atas APK for several reasons. But the most important one is for Atas login and  access to the Atas game. With Atas APK, login to Atas casino is very easy. Once you have the login details and your  device  has a good internet connection, you’ll easily login to the Atas, the trusted online casino in Malaysia.

Through Atas APK, accessing Atas game, especially Atas slot become so easy. Interestingly Atas slot are The Atas games are provided by renowned developers in the iGaming scene. Some of them are Lion King, kiss918, E1 Sport, Maxbet, etc. Popular Atas slot to play are Monkey king slot, like lucky Hari hari, Dolphin reef, Great blue, Golden slut, and monkey king slot. 


There’s no doubt that ATAS APK makes online gambling more fun and interesting. For those having challenges finding Atas login, you should download Atas APK. The Android application is highly responsive and contains all the Atas game, including the Atas slot you always played from Atas H5 web.

However, when installing or downloading Atas APK on Android, always check your device Android version. Make sure you have enough storage space and battery to enhance smooth operation. And don’t forget to connect to a robust internet while downloading or installing Atas ApK. Once you finish the  installation, you can enjoy all the entertainment Atas casino offers.