July 22, 2024
How to Wash Bras: A Full Guide?

Women wear bras almost seven days of the week which means it accounts for a basic necessity. You can enjoy the feel of a good bra style or fabric. You fantasize about yourself in the bra and purchase it to add to your high-quality bra collection. 

For instance, loyal Wacoal lingerie customers are bound to pick from a range of its varied bras to enjoy the elite fit and fabric quality. 

These stylish bras offer a much-desired fit and ease on your long and tiring days. These Wacoal bras work best for personal and professional environments. 

Now that you have invested in high-end lingerie wear, it is important to place them neatly and maintain bras quality. The simplest and most effective way is to follow the instructions mentioned on the fabric and the website. 

However, you have to consider that a delicate touch matters while washing a high-quality bra to retain its elasticity, fabric, and overall structure. 

We have shared a comprehensive guide that assists you in caring for your high-quality bra:

Read Your Labels Cautiously:

When you wear the bra for the first time do not discard its label. Check the label and read through the instructions meticulously to understand the process of washing your brand-new bra. It gives you clarity on the type of detergents and water temperatures suitable for that bra’s fabric. 

Reading the label saves you from ruining your bra entirely in the first wash. Rather, it helps you set a healthy wash practice for your bra and maintain its original quality. 

Machine Washing:

A few bras come with the instruction that they are suitable for machine washes, however, it is recommended to use a mesh lingerie bag while washing your bras in the machine. 

You can use a mild detergent with the right water temperature and a delicate cycle that is suitable for your lingerie wash. Do not forget to fasten the hooks when you put them in the mesh bag as it prevents sagging. You can skip adding artificial softeners as they break the elastic fibers slowly and ruin your bra. 

Hand Washing:

Hand washing is the most ideal and sorted alternative to wash your high-quality lingerie at home. You can fill the sink or basin with lukewarm water, add a dash of mild detergent, and soak the bra in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Before removing it from the water, gently rub the fabric with your hands and rinse it with cool water to get rid of the remaining detergent.

A majority of brands recommend regular hand washing for all their bras. Similarly, when you Buy Bra for Women Online from Wacoal, you will find hand washing is suggested for most bras.  

Keep The Bleach At Bay:

Avoid using bleach for your bras as it tends to harm the elastic elements and overall fabric. Besides, bleaches made from harsh chemicals have the potential to change your bra color and texture hence it is wiser to protect your bras and keep bleaches away to maintain your bra quality. 

Natural Drying:

Once you are done washing your bra with cool water, the next step is to discard the excess water on the bra. Women make the common mistake of squashing the bra cups to drain the excess water that your bra is holding. 

However, this practice should be avoided as it can break or harm the underwire and the band ruining the entire bra shape. Such a bra is less likely to last a couple of months. Instead of this, you can gently press the bra, lay it on a flat surface, and tap a dry towel on it to get the bra cups in their original form.

You can place the bra under direct sunlight or any other heat source. Remember that you should not hand your bras through the straps as they can ruin the bra’s natural shape. 

Spot Cleaning:

When you notice a minor dirted spot on your bra, resort to spot cleaning. Use a mild detergent to clean the ruined area and wash it as per instructions on the bottle. Let the bra naturally dry and check for any stain remnants. 


Generally, women have the habit of storing their bras in drawers which is a good practice. However, make sure that you fold them neatly without harming the bra cups. A few women prefer storing their bras in lingerie bags that offer them extra protection. 

Change Your Bras Frequently:

Most women wash their bras after wearing them for a day, however, others wear them on the following day. It is recommended not to wear the same bra for two consecutive days because it is not scientifically healthy and it can damage your bra’s elasticity.

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All these precautionary and timely measures can improve the lifespan of your bras. When you buy bra online for women from portals like Wacoal you invest in good quality. However, it is important to support this quality investment with equal care so that the bra lasts for a couple of months.