July 22, 2024


Edibles are any product that contains cannabis and is meant to be consumed orally in the form of a food or drink. People use them for various purposes, including pain relief, or even pleasure involved with the process. While using cannabis brings its effects swiftly, edibles take some time to manifest their effects. This delay always makes people think of how long these effects last, and how long the substance stays in their system.

Knowing how edibles work and how they are metabolized in the human body can aid to get the most out of the outcomes and minimize adverse effects. In this article, we explain what occurs when you ingest an edible and why its effects linger for long.

The Working Mechanism of Edibles in The Body

An edible does not go directly to the bloodstream, it goes through the digestion process. First, it passes through the gastrointestinal tract of your body. From here THC, a main component of cannabis, is passed to the bloodstream. This is the reason users will realize that the impacts of THC in the form of edibles are slightly slower than when they inhale it through smoking or using a nasal inhaler.

When THC is absorbed into the bloodstream, its effects remain in your system far longer than they do when smoked. Depending on the tolerance level possessed by the individual and the type of edible consumed, the effects could be mild or strong.

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

There are some factors that determine how long edibles are detectable in your body. One of the things that answers ‘how long do edibles stay in your system’ is your metabolism rate. Some individuals have a fast metabolism and this means that the THC will be metabolized within their system faster than in other persons. Body weight and body fat percentage also matter. THC, being fat-soluble, tends to build up in fat tissue. If you have a more fatty body, THC will stay in your system for much longer. Last but not least, the frequency with which people use edibles varies, and it is a crucial factor.

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System When Testing?

Blood tests can detect it for a few hours up to a day after consumption, depending on the quantity consumed. Urine tests are capable of revealing the presence of THC two or three days after its consumption, while those who consume edibles frequently may take weeks before it becomes undetectable in their urine. It should also be noted that hair follicle tests are able to detect presence of THC for several months.

Do bear in mind that these are approximate and depending on one or more factors stated above, it may take slightly shorter (or longer).


Cannabis edibles are less electrifying in their impact but the high lasts significantly longer than what you get from smoking or inhaling cannabis. Based on this information, it is possible to consume edibles without any problems since you now know how long they remain in your system as well as the factors influencing the duration. It is important to point out that safety and health are the top priorities in anything related to cannabis.