July 22, 2024
Chord Tak Ingin Usai

Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a popular Indonesian song composed by Tulus. It is a melancholic ballad expressing sadness and longing for a lover that has gone away. The song has become a fan favorite due to its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody, and is an excellent example of Indonesian music at its best. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at the song, from its composition and arrangement to its lyrical themes and meaning.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a song by Indonesian singer, songwriter, and producer Afgan. The song was released in 2019 as the fourth single off his fourth studio album, confession No. 4. The song has garnered much attention from the Indonesian music scene, due to its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics.

At first glance, Chord Tak Ingin Usai is your typical love song. It is about the singer’s desire to remain in a relationship despite the fact that the other person is no longer interested in continuing. Despite its seemingly simple premise, the song is actually much deeper than it appears on the surface. It is a song about the power of love and the need to fight for what you believe in, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Background of the Song

Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a popular Indonesian song released in 2020. The song is written by the renowned Indonesian songwriter, Adi Priyo Purnomo, and performed by the singer, Tulus. It has become one of the most popular Indonesian songs of the year and has been streamed over millions of times.

The song is about a man who is in a relationship and is trying to figure out if he is ready to end it or not. He is unsure of how to proceed and is struggling with the decision. The song’s lyrics are full of emotion, as the man expresses his feelings about the situation and the uncertainty he is facing. The song is a reflection of the struggles many people face when in a difficult relationship.

Lyrical Analysis 

Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a powerful and emotional song by Indonesian band Dewa 19, and it has been a popular hit in the Indonesian music scene for many years. The song is about a love story that ends in a tragic way, where a couple’s relationship ends without any closure. The song’s lyrics are both heartbreaking and hopeful, as it conveys a strong message about life and love.

The song starts off by introducing the protagonist of the story: Jika ku kau tanyakan, biar kuterjawab / Aku tak pernah takut, hingga cinta ini berakhir (If you were to ask me, I’ll answer / I was never afraid, until this love ended). Here, the protagonist is telling us that they were never afraid to love and commit until their relationship ended. This conveys the idea that the protagonist was brave and open to love, but was ultimately unable to make the relationship work.

History Of The Song 

The song Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a popular song in Indonesia. It is a love song about a relationship that is ending, and it has been covered by many popular Indonesian artists.

The song was first written by Indonesian singer songwriter, Marcell Siahaan, in 1989. He wrote it as a tribute to his former girlfriend, who had just broken up with him. The song was very popular in Indonesia, and it quickly rose to the top of the charts.

The song has a very melancholy tone, and it speaks of the pain of a love that has come to an end. The lyrics are simple but powerful, and it speaks of the heartache and loneliness that follows a break-up. The lyrics also contain a lot of symbolism, such as the use of the word usai which can mean “ended” or finished.

The song has been covered by many artists, including Indonesian singer, Agnes Monica. Her version of the song is particularly popular, and it was featured in the popular Indonesian movie, Cinta. Agnes Monica’s version of the song has been covered by many other artists, including singer, Krisdayanti.

Music Video

Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a single by Malaysian artist, TChord. The music video for the single was released in 2017 and has since gone viral, garnering millions of views online.

The video opens with TChord singing the song in a small studio, accompanied by her guitar. The video then cuts to TChord walking through a street market, singing the song as she looks around. As she walks, various quirky characters appear, such as a man playing a ukulele and a woman in a traditional Malaysian dress.

The video progresses to TChord singing in a park as the sun sets, surrounded by various animals. This is followed by a night scene in which TChord is seen singing against a backdrop of streetlights. The video ends with TChord back in the studio, singing the song’s final refrain.

Chord Tak Ingin Usai Translated 

The classic Indonesian song Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a popular tune that many people know and love. It was written by none other than legendary songwriter and singer, Iwan Fals. The song has been translated into English by many different people, giving it a new life and allowing it to be enjoyed by a larger audience.

The lyrics of Chord Tak Ingin Usai are simple and straightforward, expressing a longing for a love that will never end. The song is about two lovers who, despite the fact that they can’t be together, still share a deep connection and a desire to never let go of their love. The chorus of the song, I don’t want this moment to ever end”, captures this sentiment perfectly.

The melody of Chord Tak Ingin Usai is one of the most memorable aspects of the song. It’s a gentle, soft acoustic guitar melody that serves as the foundation of the entire song. This melody is then accompanied by a subtle, yet beautiful electric guitar solo in the middle of the song. The melody is simple but powerful, providing a perfect backdrop for the lyrics.


The song Chord Tak Ingin Usai is a beautiful and powerful reminder of the importance of living in the moment and cherishing every moment we have with the people we love. The song captures the emotions of the moment perfectly, with its heartfelt lyrics and soaring melody. The song speaks to the heart, and serves as a reminder to never take life for granted. The song is truly inspiring, and it’s a great reminder to appreciate each day we have, and to make the most of every moment. The song conveys a powerful message that can be heard in the lyrics, and in the music. It’s a reminder that life is short, and that we need to make the most of every moment. The song is a great reminder to put away our troubles and live in the moment, and to cherish the people and moments we have. So, the next time you hear Chord Tak Ingin Usai, take a moment to appreciate the moment and the people around you, and to make the most of every moment.